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At Eclipse Therapy Group, Our Mission Is To Help You Find:


What Lights You Up


The Best Parts of Yourself


A Sense of Hope

Eclipse Therapy Group invites you to engage with us in a process of hope and possibility.  We don’t aim to “fix” you, because we understand that while you may be stuck or feel blocked, you aren’t broken.  We seek to reveal your strengths, and to help you build an ever-widening pattern of effective action.  


Like the process of an eclipse, we want to help you shift your perspective to one that will position you to better navigate life’s inevitable challenges. Our therapists work with you to design a life that transforms those challenges into meaning and purpose, making positive changes that allow you to live your best life.  LEARN MORE


 “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver

John Armando, LCSW, is the Founder and Director of Eclipse Therapy Group; John's background and professional experiences taught him that human connection, respect, and care were among the most important variables in someone's recovery. In John's observations, stigma, judgement, and paternalism undermine people’s opportunities to live a life of meaning and vitality. To learn more about John and our team, Click Here. 

Meet the rest of team: Click on the profiles below

Where We Shine

20s & 30s

Supporting Young Adults as they navigate life transitions and "adulting" issues.


We understand the creative mind, and the sensitivities that many artists, writers, and musicians hold.

Big Changes

Times of change are often accompanied by an increase in anxiety. We can help you adapt.

Learn More about Who We Serve

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