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Our Approach to Therapy


The Wonder of an Eclipse

For our practice, we chose the concept of an ECLIPSE to evoke the process of change and feeling of hope we bring to our clients.  An eclipse is a remarkable event of nature that induces a sense of wonder. During an eclipse, the life-giving energy of the sun is briefly blocked out by the moon, and the earth goes dark. 


But an eclipse is an illusion, or perhaps just a matter of perspective, that makes us believe that the sun has disappeared.  Move to a different spot, or allow time to pass, and sun’s energy is revealed again.  It was always there, even when we could not see it. 


Changing Perspective

Eclipse Therapy Group invites you to engage in this process of hope and possibility.  We don’t aim to “fix” you because we understand that, while you may be stuck or feel blocked, you aren’t broken.  We seek to reveal your strengths, and to help you build an ever-widening pattern of effective action.  Like the process of an eclipse, we want to help you shift your  perspective to one that will position you to better navigate life’s inevitable challenges and enable you to design a life that transforms those challenges into meaning and purpose.

Our process for therapy:

  • We help you identify ‘committed actions’ that result in concrete change

  • We provide structure and accountability so that you can achieve your goals

  • Together we'll help you build an ever-expanding repitoire of behaviors that make sense for your life

  • Collaboratively we will co-author the guidebook for your journey​

Strength and Resilience

Our therapists teach you to find strength and resilience to get through darker days when you cannot see the sun. This often involves finding meaning and purpose in the small things. Especially during the pandemic, we have encouraged clients to find kernels of daily life that gave them pleasure like cooking a delicious meal for family or friends, painting brush strokes across a canvas, strumming a guitar, holding a newborn baby, or walking in nature.

The Sun Will Shine Again

As your therapist gets to know you, they will recognize what lights you up and identify what's keeping you stuck. We'll help you to nurture more of what you want in your life, and be there to hold you accountable as you make incremental changes. We help you find and recognize the best parts in yourself, and offer you tools that move you toward new ways of thinking and behaving that lead you to the life you deserve. ​

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