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We believe that human connection, respect, and compassion are among the most important variables that lead to change. In our therapeutic approach, we support your independence and autonomy, and your freedom to take a life path of your own choosing.

John is experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, both of which are empirically supported approaches. He has also gained extensive training in what has been termed Third Wave Behavioral therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and other approaches that use mindfulness to expand on the Cognitive Behavioral tradition.

Our approach is Trauma Informed and John has been trained in multiple evidence-based approaches for PTSD, and developmental trauma including EMDR, and Prolonged Exposure.

John is the co-founder of the Delaware Valley ACT Learners, the past president of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS), and the past president of the ACBS Social Work special interest group.

John's Professional Experience:

  • Program Director Inpatient Dual Diagnosis and Adult Psychiatric Units at Hampton Behavioral Health Center

  • Interim Director of Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospital Programs at Hampton Behavioral Health Center

  • Director of Behavioral Therapy of Multiple Sclerosis Disease Management program at Total Rehab & Fitness

  • Multiple Sclerosis Society “Partner in Care”

  • Chief Clinical Officer for intensive wrap around, outpatient clinical services

  • Adjunct Instructor at Masters in Counseling Program with Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Professional Testimonials

John brings a nearly unique mixture of kindness, compassion and loving sense of humor to each visit.  His genuineness is immediately apparent and disarming.  I can't imagine a client that would not feel nearly instantly comfortable with John.  


John possesses a deep commitment to getting clients better and emphasizes the difference between ineffective therapy that may leave a client briefly "feeling better" and the hard work involved in getting a client to " be better " where the client experiences sustained relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety.


John has an unusual genuineness.  John has led a rich and interesting life and his personal experiences have grown his capacity to understand the bumps along his clients' journey.  


John enters the room devoid of ego, free of personal agenda besides the well being of his client.  John has spent years as both a therapist and instructing therapists in training; as a result he has a broad view of the range of challenges clients bring to therapy and the many paths that bring a client there and what are the most effective paths towards a life that embraces the client's core values while simultaneously reducing their depression and anxiety.

Sutton Hamilton, MD (Family Physician)

I have known John Armando for years through collaborating and consulting with each other and through our work in professional organizations.  John is very experienced in evidence-based approaches, such as ACT.  He is thoughtful about assessment to determine what would be most helpful for each client and effectively applies these approaches to each individual, couple or family.  He is very open, approachable and able to connect with a broad range of people, and is particularly astute with clients who are in mid-life transitions and those dealing with addictions.  Through working with him in professional organizations, John is an effective leader and well-liked and respected by other clinicians and students.  In all of these contexts John is non-hierarchical, easy to talk to and naturally collaborative. I feel confident referring to him and highly recommend him.

Dina Harth, PhD (Clinical Psychologist)


I have known John for over ten years and can not say enough good things about him as a friend and fellow colleague. He is a remarkable person who touches everyone he meets. Empathetic, wise, and astute he shows great insight in his dealings with his peers and clients and is an expert in his knowledge and application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as other mindfulness-based therapies. I highly recommend John to you if you are seeking a great person and therapist!

Andrew D’Amico, PhD  (Clinical Psychologist)

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