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Approach to Therapy

Sonja provides a warm and genuine space for you to explore your emotions and life

circumstances. It is a space that honors you and your story, encouraging you to show your authentic self and be seen. Sonja will help you connect your past to your present and your external to internal environments. Compassionate and caring, Sonja utilizes mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions to lead you toward positive change. She will help you bring awareness to your thoughts and emotions, understanding their sources and how they affect your behavior. You’ll gain perspective and new strategies to live your life in alignment with your values, taking tangible steps towards reaching your goals.

Areas of Expertise


Sonja specializes in working with individuals who are hurting from depression, anxiety, low self esteem, grief and bereavement, trauma, life transitions, and questions of identity. She adopts a  feminist approach to therapy and is particularly sensitive to women’s issues. She connects  easily with young adults who are figuring out their roles in this world, helping them navigate  issues around independence, careers, and relationships. Sonja seeks to create a safe and  affirming space for individuals of all identities, empowering her clients to be the best versions  of themselves. 

Experience and Training

Sonja received her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania and has clinical experience in both  inpatient and outpatient settings. She has training in cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance  and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness meditation. As a certified  life coach, she infuses therapy with practical guidance and concrete action steps.  

Sonja’s path towards becoming a therapist stemmed from a place of wonder and curiosity.  Always an observer, she spent much of her early life on the sidelines, paying close attention to  the people and the world around her. She looked inwards as well, trying to “figure out” who  she was in this world and why – a process involving doing things outside of her comfort zone,  like long-term solo backpacking trips abroad. She understands that life is not a linear path, and  uses her own experience in finding a sense of grounding and self-confidence to help others. 

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