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Rates & Insurance

Rates & Insurance

Please Contact to inquire about rates and costs per session. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Eclipse Therapy Group is not in-network with any insurance provider. We do not accept insurance as insurance providers require that a client be diagnosed with a mental health disorder in order to reimburse for services. The reasons people seek therapy do not always neatly fit into the criteria for a diagnosis. Additionally, without billing through insurance, no third party is required to know the details of why you are seeking treatment.

If you would like to use your out-of-network insurance benefits, we will provide you with a detailed bill of services, including a diagnosis, for you to submit to your insurance company.


Professional Testimonials

John brings a nearly unique mixture of kindness, compassion and loving sense of humor to each visit.  His genuineness is immediately apparent and disarming.  I can't imagine a client that would not feel nearly instantly comfortable with John.  


John possesses a deep commitment to getting clients better and emphasizes the difference between ineffective therapy that may leave a client briefly "feeling better" and the hard work involved in getting a client to " be better " where the client experiences sustained relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety.


John has an unusual genuineness.  John has led a rich and interesting life and his personal experiences have grown his capacity to understand the bumps along his clients' journey.  


John enters the room devoid of ego, free of personal agenda besides the well being of his client.  John has spent years as both a therapist and instructing therapists in training; as a result he has a broad view of the range of challenges clients bring to therapy and the many paths that bring a client there and what are the most effective paths towards a life that embraces the client's core values while simultaneously reducing their depression and anxiety.

Sutton Hamilton, MD (Family Physician)

I have known John Armando for years through collaborating and consulting with each other and through our work in professional organizations.  John is very experienced in evidence-based approaches, such as ACT.  He is thoughtful about assessment to determine what would be most helpful for each client and effectively applies these approaches to each individual, couple or family.  He is very open, approachable and able to connect with a broad range of people, and is particularly astute with clients who are in mid-life transitions and those dealing with addictions.  Through working with him in professional organizations, John is an effective leader and well-liked and respected by other clinicians and students.  In all of these contexts John is non-hierarchical, easy to talk to and naturally collaborative. I feel confident referring to him and highly recommend him.

Dina Harth, PhD (Clinical Psychologist)


I have known John for over ten years and can not say enough good things about him as a friend and fellow colleague. He is a remarkable person who touches everyone he meets. Empathetic, wise, and astute he shows great insight in his dealings with his peers and clients and is an expert in his knowledge and application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as other mindfulness-based therapies. I highly recommend John to you if you are seeking a great person and therapist!

Andrew D’Amico, PhD  (Clinical Psychologist)

Professional Testimonials

Online Therapy

You may have heard it called telepsychology, online therapy, videoconferencing, telebehavioral health, telemedicine, telemental health, telehealth. All of these mean generally the same thing – mental health services provided via technology. For the purposes of your meeting with me, it means that all of our appointments will be held through a secure videoconferencing platform.


Why online therapy?

I first began meeting with clients for online therapy sessions as a Partner in Care for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  I worked with many clients with MS, and other chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses who often lived in rural or geographically inaccessible areas without access to therapy services, or who were either homebound, or unable to easily travel to my office.

Later, I began working for a technology and behavioral health company where we explored innovative ways to make mental health care more efficient and more accessible.  I became licensed in 7 different states where we were supporting clients, and I found that, while different than in person therapy, online therapy was very effective.

More recently, COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic quickly turned videoconferencing into a daily experience for all of us (at least all of with access to computers and WiFi).  Some clients found the transition challenging, but most clients soon experienced the benefits of meeting from work, home, or campus and appreciated how that helped to reduce barriers to treatment, such as commute time, travel costs, and childcare.

Does it work?

The research done thus far has found that psychological services via videoconferencing are as effective as in-person services and clients are generally satisfied (see this article for references and more details). 

What do you need for online therapy appointments?

An electronic device with a camera, microphone, and speaker (e.g., smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop with camera). These features are built in to most devices. Headphones can improve sound quality, but are not necessary.

Internet connection (strong internet connections are best for videoconferencing).

A private location where you will not be heard or disturbed during the appointment.

To be located within a state where I am licensed during your appointments.

Current states where I am licensed to provide services:


New Jersey





Online Therapy
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